Where is Charles now?

If you’re reading this, then you may have noticed that I haven’t updated the site in awhile.  Why?  Because I live in a real home again!  I probably should have posted awhile ago explaining the situation, but you know how life is, things happen faster than expected and suddenly a year has past.

So here’s what happened in a nutshell:

  • June 2014 – I realize I have a problem.  I have over $25,000 of debt across my 4 credit cards.
  • July – I look for ways to drastically pay down my debt and get free ASAP.
  • August – I give up drinking and stop going out.
  • August 31st – I’m officially without a permanent residence and sleep outside during a huge storm / tornado warning. #greattiming
  • September – I start taking on consulting clients, increasing my income and increasing my pace of paying off debt.
  • October 15h-ish – Boston starts getting really cold. I start alternating between sleeping outside and sleeping under my desk at work when possible.
  • December 31st, 2014 – I pay off my last bit of credit card debt.
  • January 1st, 2015 – I move into a really cheap apartment.

Sounds crazy, but in 4 months I paid off $25,000 of credit card debt.  Not only that, but I learned invaluable tactics for increasing my income and saving money.  Whoever said “Necessity is the mother of invention” was right.

So that brings me to today…

A big part of the reason for wanting to be debt free in the first place, was because I wanted to create a business and have the resources to do so.  Starting a new business often involves the risk of taking on debt, so starting a business when you’re already in debt didn’t make much sense to me.

2015 was a year of saving money, learning more in the world of entrepreneurship, and developing relationships.  It was a productive year, but I’m still no closer to my goal of creating a business.

2016 is the year I change that.  I’ve made a public commitment (similar to the one I made in 2014 about getting out of debt) and told everyone I know on Facebook that I’m going to create a business this year, or I’ll stop considering myself a “wantrepreneur” (i.e., someone who wants to be an entrepreneur) and instead will call myself an “employee.”

Are you interested in creating a business?

Do you want to increase your income?

Then I invite you to follow along and participate on my new site: WorldwideWantrepreneur.com

This is a site where I share (in excruciating detail) what I’m doing to create a business.  Most websites in this space will claim they can help you create a business… for a price.  They claim to know a formula for creating a business that will guarantee you will get the results you want, but they invariably fall short.  I should know, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on these courses myself.  I won’t name names, but overall I’ve been very disappointed with the classes and courses I’ve taken online.

If you want to see what it takes to create a business from scratch, then come join me.  Why?

  • It’s free
  • I share every tool and resource I use personally
  • I give you detailed accounts of what I’m doing to create a business from scratch
  • I won’t sugar-coat it, I’m going to give the honest truth
  • I’ll provide templates and documents I’ve created for myself to help me find idea, validate them, etc.

If you’re not interested in creating a business, then I think this is where we part ways – thank you for reading!

Otherwise, I hope to see your comments on the site!  Come join me!