Why is Charles homeless?

Before anything else, let me first address this: I’m going homeless by choice. When I call myself “homeless,” I’m referring to my lack of a traditional home. In no way do I consider myself to be one of the countless people living on the street with no means to find a more permanent home. I have the luxury to choose to be homeless for cost-saving reasons. I am not faced with the same challenges, barriers, and judgments which others must contend with on a daily basis. I’m not going homeless for attention. I’m not going homeless as a marketing stunt. And I’m not going homeless for entertainment purposes. Now, on to why I am going homeless.

home·less ˈhōmlis/ — adjective
(of a person) without a home, and therefore typically living on the streets.
“the plight of young homeless people”
synonyms:  of no fixed address, without a roof over one’s head, on the  streets, vagrant, displaced, dispossessed, destitutedown-and-out

I’ve decided to go homeless for 2 reasons:

  1. To get out of debt
  2. To get out of my comfort zone



The Debt

Since graduating college and moving from Seattle to Boston, I’ve been slowly accumulating debt as I lived beyond my means and didn’t know how to effectively track and manage my finances. I moved 3 years ago. That’s 3 years of debt accumulation and bad habits. It’s time to end that… now. Additionally, a bad living arrangement led to paying a huge percentage of my income on rent. The lease ended August 31st 2014. Time to make financial amends.

The Comfort Zone

While I’ve done a number of social experiments that pushed my boundaries — high-fiving strangers, pretending to know people and giving them a big hug, taking selfies with strangers — it’s time to really push the limits. This isn’t a permanent lifestyle choice. This is a bee-line path to freedom: financial + social.