H-27: How One Email Almost Ended it All

The email reads…

Subject Line: Soo….. I’m in need of a roommate!

Hey work friends!

My roommate and myself found out a little bit ago that our 3rd roommate is moving out. So I just wanted to get the word out to you guys as see if you knew anyone needing a place to live this year.
Here is just about all of the post that I’ve been posting:
We are two young female professionals in need of a 3rd roommate (male or female) Looking for someone in their 20’s who is easy-going, fun, and likes to hang out and go on adventures. 

Our place is on the blah blah blah, about a 15 minute walk from blah blah
We live on the 2nd floor of a 3 floor/family house that is in between blah and blah.
Rent is $600 plus utilities. No pets. Lease starts 9/1
End of email.

$600 + utilities?! That’s less than 1/3 of what I’m paying for my apartment. I must admit, this made me consider bailing on the whole me-going-homeless thing.

This is why it’s crazy not to accept the offer:

  1. The rent is literally less than 1/3 of what I’m paying now
  2. I’d be able to keep all my stuff
  3. It’s located close to my work
  4. I’d be able to buy groceries/perishables and store them
  5. I’d have private space, my bed, and a place to have people over to

Seriously, those are 5 pretty compelling reasons to take the offer.




This is why I’m not taking it:

  1. Being homeless is $600 + utilities / month cheaper
  2. I have room for the things I need to live and be happy (turns out… it’s not much)
  3. Being homeless means I can sleep close to my work
  4. I can buy perishables in small quantities and consume shortly thereafter
  5. I’ll adjust to a reduction in private space and can go over to other peoples places

And a myriad of other reasons which I won’t get into detail on now (e.g., going homeless makes you consider your lifestyle choices, what you spend your time doing, etc.).


So… tempting offer oh ye siren of hospitality… but nay, I decline!

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