H-17: What Is This 22oz Gift?

Bivy Test

Into the wilderness… of my shower.

22 ounces of durable, stormproof shelter. Hell yes.

For over a week now I’ve been focused on lead gen at work: email campaigns, calling, networking, reaching out to strategic contacts, re-engaging existing customers… the works. But today I made a tangible step forward in planning for next month’s adventure. I received a 22 oz sack of waterproof goodness.

A hooped bivy sack. This will be my shield against the elements. It’s super lightweight, made of breathable fabric, and has a built-in hooped rod that gives the head area some breathing room.

Now to see if this thing really works…

I pulled the bivy out of it’s packaging and laid it out on the floor. It’s green and small and awesomely stealthy. I climbed inside it and took a few minutes to adjust to my immediate reduction in space. Turning from side to side is a bit of a challenge, but it’s manageable.

Now for the real test. 

While staying in the bivy, I rolled and twisted my way to a standing position and hopped my way into the shower. Cranking the water up to full blast, I quickly pulled my arm back in and zipped the bivy up tight. As the water cascaded down the front of the bivy, I took comfort in seeing it essentially bounce right off the ToddTex layer. The back side seemed to hold up just as well.

But what about getting truly soaked?

Still good! I laid down in the tub, turned around in a pool of water and still, no problems. This thing is great! As long as I take care to protect it from tears and mildew I should be in good shape.

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